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The Kick-off Meeting of the Media Councils in the Digital Age Project

The 24th of October, the first meeting of the Media Councils in the Digital Age project was held in Brussels, of which the Digilab research group forms a part of. Professors Pere Masip and Jaume Suau attended the meeting, where the different project partners met: the European Federation of Journalists, the Université Libre de Bruxelles and the press councils of Finland, Ireland, Austria, Germany and Belgium.

The project aims to investigate the reality of European press councils, in order to design a series of recommendations that allow its adaptation to the digital environment. The researchers of the School will be responsible for identifying, through a survey of European scope to journalists, communication companies and members of the press councils, what are, in their opinion, the main challenges that journalism has to face in the new digital context, and what are the ethical implications that are derived and how the press councils must deal with them.

The Media Councils in the Digital Age project also has the participation of UNESCO as an associate partner. This international entity will be responsible for assisting in the dissemination of the results internationally. In the long term, the recommendations resulting from the project are expected to establish a follow-up of international standards in relation to the functioning of the press councils.


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