New article on stereotypes of gender and love

Professor Maddalena Fedele has recently published “Negotiating Love and Gender Stereotypes among Youn People: Prevalence of “Amor Ludens” and Television Preferences Rooted in Hegemonic Masculinity” in Masculinities and Social Change.

Fedele and colleagues have carried out a study in three Iberian-American countries, Colombia, Spain and Venezuela, to identify the stereotypes of love and gender professed among youth and compare them to those they prefer in television fiction series, i.e., those able to influence their identities and values. From an interdisciplinary perspective, the study involved a survey of 485 first-year university students, and a qualitative analysis of the media representations preferred by them. The results showed a preference for “amor ludens”, based on enjoyment and the present moment, and a gap between the cognitive and emotional spheres of some youth who consider themselves distant from stereotypical, heteronormative and patriarchal models, but who choose media representations that match these models and the traditional gender portrayals.

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