Digilab researchers present their papers at the IAMCR conference in Madrid

Digilab research group have presented their current research projects at the IAMCR conference in Madrid:

  • “Communicating new and old gender imaginaries in social media. The construction of gender identity in current female Spanish Youtubers” by Villacampa, E.; Aran, S.; and Fedele, M.
  • “Facing problematic content on semi-closed platforms. User’s approach to use of WhatsApp for news consumption”, by Masip, P.; Ruiz, C. Zilles, K.; Aran, S. Capilla, P; Almenar, E.; Puertas, D., and Fusté, F.
  • “Public deliberation and engagement with news”, by Suau, J. and Ruiz, C.
  • “What is news to the audience? Comparing professionals’ and audiences’ news values, by Capilla, P.; Masip, P., and Puerta, D.
  • “Audience engagement with Sport TV Content acrosss Twitter. A transmedia storytelling or a catch-all strategy”, by Puertas, D.

Klaus Zilles presents the paper on WhatsApp use for news in Spain. Foto: David Puertas

David Puertas presenting the results of his PhD research on infotainment in Sports TV programs in Spain. Foto: Jaume Suau


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